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Merriam Press is a Military History Publisher that specializes in World War II books and

the World War 2 In Review eBook publication series.

Authors: Merriam Press is no longer accepting outside submissions of any kind.
Booksellers/Bookstores: Contact Ingram which distributes Merriam Press titles.

Military Library (PDF)

The Military Library series from Merriam Press uses the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format to produce a variety of titles in digital format of out of print and hard to find manuals, documents, and other publications. Emphasis is on World War II material, but items from other periods are also available from the Military Library.

The PDF files are handled by PayHip who stores the PDF files for downloading. All PDF files in this series are available for free. Click on the button below to access the catalog of Military Library titles from Merriam Press on the PayHip website.

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