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Merriam Press is a Military History Publisher that specializes in World War II books and the World War 2 In Review online series.

Authors: Merriam Press is no longer accepting outside submissions of any kind.

Booksellers/Bookstores: Contact Ingram which distributes Merriam Press titles.

World War 2 In Review

World War 2 In Review is now available as a PDF format publication available for free downloading.


World War 2 In Review features articles on numerous World War II topics, most illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps and other illustrations in B&W and color.

Originally released as eBooks starting several years ago, that format was too restrictive. The PDF format allows for better layout, plus room for more material, including photos and illustrations in each issue. Over 70 eBook editions were released and these will be revised for the PDF format, and new issues will continue to be prepared and released.


These PDF editions can be accessed at the World War 2 in Review section of the Merriam Press store on which is also where PDF files of out of print and rare military manuals, documents and other publications are also available for downloading in the Military Library section.

About Payhip: This website provides an inexpensive way to provide storage and downloading of digital files, whether for free or sale. Merriam Press has been using Payhip since May 2013 without any problems whatsoever. Only files downloaded through the Merriam Press Payhip store can be guaranteed free of malware, spam, etc.

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