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The 270th Engineer Combat Battalion in World War II: From Camp Adair to Germany

by Steven K. Dixon

Merriam Press World War II History

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Paperback - ISBN 978-1470157067 - $14.95

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This is the story of the 270th Engineer Combat Battalion and its role in what Studs Terkel called “the Good War.”

The author's grandfather was a combat engineer, assigned to the 270th Engineer Combat Battalion, 70th Infantry Division, and saw action from February to May 1945.

Steve started trying to piece together his grandfather's service but had little to start with and obtaining more information was difficult.

He tried contacting other member's of his grandfather's unit, but some did not respond.

After seven years of research, interviews and hard work, Steve has pieced together a history of the unit, from their training with the 70th Infantry Division at Camp Adair, Oregon, to their movement overseas and arrival in France in January 1945, then their journey to the front where they entered combat in early February 1945 in France and continues on through their operations up to the end of the war in Germany in May 1945.

He also includes much information on the duties of combat engineers, including the building of bridges, the placement and removal of minefields, the building and maintenance of roads, the detection and deactivation of booby traps, and the demolition of fortifications and anything else that stood in the way of the advancing American forces.

Also covered is the equipment they used and the unit table of organization and equipment.



The Strategic Situation

The Training of Engineers

3-16 February 1945: General Actions

March 1945

April-May 1945


Explanation of Serial Numbers

Example of C/270 Morning Report

Sample Minefield Report

Officers of the 270th, 31 May 1945

Bronze Star Recipients

Other Awards

270th Casualties

Order of Battle of C/270

Infantry Perspective


160 6x9-inch pages, 42 photos, 13 maps, 11 illustrations, 2 tables

The 270th Engineer Combat Battalion in World War II: From Camp Adair to Germany

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