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An American Glider Pilot’s Story

by Gale R. Ammerman

Merriam Press World War II Memoir

eBook - ISBN 9781794896710 - $1.99

Paperback - ISBN 9781716557101 - $15.98

Hardcover not available

This is the story of one American glider pilot in World War II.

After enlisting in the Army in May 1941, Gale went through basic training and airplane mechanic instruction.

In 1942 he volunteered for glider pilot training, going to South Plains Army Flying School, Lubbock, Texas, and later Bowman Field, receiving ground combat training since glider pilots might be required to fight as infantry after a combat landing.

In 1943 he joined the 436th Troop Carrier Group and after more training, the unit set off for England on 24 December 1943.

Gale then flew gliders into combat during the Normandy invasion, Holland and Rhine crossing operations, and his accounts of these episodes are detailed and riveting.

You will not soon forget the story of a young man who went off to war as a member of one of the most dangerous occupations of any combat arm.

240 6x9-inch pages, 65 photos/documents

An American Glider Pilot’s Story

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