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Understanding World War 2 Combat Infantrymen In the European Theater

Testing the Sufficiency of Army Research Branch Surveys and Infantry Combatant Recollections Against the Insights of Credible War Correspondents, Combat Photographers, Army Cartoonists

by Peter Karsten

Merriam Press World War II History

eBook - ISBN 9781576385654 - $1.99

Paperback - ISBN 9781678115401 - $12.95

Hardcover not available

Most scholarship on the American role in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) during World War II has addressed the issues of strategy, campaign outcomes, command leadership, and logistical support. Other research efforts have provided insights into the experiences of the individual combatants.

Karsten offers a better grasp of these latter efforts, utilizing evidence that has been underutilized. What he asks in this unique work is whether the media (journalists, broadcasters, combat photographers, cartoonists and artists) in the ETO during World War II significantly improved our understanding of the world of the American infantryman there.

142 6x9-inch illustrations, 57 illustrations

Understanding World War 2 Combat Infantrymen In the European Theater

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