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Truman and MacArthur: Adversaries for a Common Cause

by Donald J. Farinnaci

Merriam Press Military History

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Paperback - 978-1576386286 - $12.95

Hardcover not available

This book tells a story of events which occurred during a brief but momentous period in American history, involving two extraordinary men, President Harry S. Truman and General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

The story tells of their interaction during a time of grave national crisis, how they veered badly off course and ultimately collided head-on. It was a collision which both altered the course of history and irreparably changed their personal destinies. Included are details of the Korean War during the 1950-51 period.


Chapter 1: The Invasion
Chapter 2: The General
Chapter 3: The President
Chapter 4: The Inchon Landing
Chapter 5: The Wake Island Summit
Chapter 6: The Advance to The Yalu
Chapter 7: The Chinese Intervention
Chapter 8: The Fallout From Defeat
Chapter 9: The Ridgway Resurgence
Chapter 10: The Crisis of Command
Chapter 11: The Aftermath

268 6x9-inch, pages, 80 photos, 6 maps, 1 illustration, 6 documents

Truman and MacArthur: Adversaries for a Common Cause

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