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They Turned the War Around at Coral Sea and Midway: Going to War with Yorktown’s Air Group Five

by Stuart D. Ludlum, ex-Lieutenant (AVS), USNR

Merriam Press World War II History

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Paperback - ISBN 978-1468092141 - $16.95

Hardcover not available

Go to war with USS Yorktown's Air Group Five (VF-3, VF-42, VB-5, VT-5).

Very detailed self-told experiences of American Naval Aviation pilots who fought and survived the Marshall, Gilbert, Salamaua, Lae and Tulagi raids, and the Coral Sea and Midway battles in 1942.

Sources for this massive work were the pilots themselves, whom the author interviewed after their return to the States during the war, while memories were still fresh.

This is an invaluable record of their experiences.

Their descriptions of combat will make you feel like you are right there with them in the cockpit.


Publisher’s Foreword

Chapter 1: Into the Atlantic

Chapter 2: Low and Slow

Chapter 3: Meet Dave Berry

Chapter 4: Gaining Experience

Chapter 5: Convoy Duty

Chapter 6: Portland Interlude

Chapter 7: Pacific Bound

Chapter 8: Marshall and Gilbert Islands Raid

Chapter 9: Salamaua and Lae

Chapter 10: Patrol and Search

Chapter 11: Tulagi

Chapter 12: Cruise of the Hing Lee

Chapter 13: Coral Sea: 5 and 6 May 1942

Chapter 14: Coral Sea: 7 May 1942

Chapter 15: Coral Sea: 8 May 1942

Chapter 16: He Who Fights and Runs

Chapter 17: Fixin’ for a Fight

Chapter 18: Midway: 3 June 1942

Chapter 19: Midway: 4 June 1942

Chapter 20: Midway: 5 and 6 June 1942

Chapter 21: The Fighting Lady

Appendix 1: Organization of an Aircraft Carrier

Appendix 2: Ready Room and Flight Deck Operations

Appendix 3: Torpedo Planes Prove Their Worth

Appendix 4: Pilot Rosters

264 6x9-inch pages, 65 photos, 1 map, 4 illustrations

They Turned the War Around at Coral Sea and Midway: Going to War with Yorktown’s Air Group Five

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