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The Music of World War II: War Songs and Their Stories

by Sheldon Winkler

Merriam Press World War II History

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Paperback - ISBN 9780359647798 - $14.95

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Some of the most memorable and enduring popular music of the Twentieth Century was written during the Second World War. With patriotism at an all-time high, the war effort became an integral part of the entertainment industry, creating an emotional wartime dream world of heroes, love, remembrance, reflection, and introspection.

The Music of World War II tells the stories behind the origins of many of these musical compositions, some of which have survived to become standards still popular today.


Introduction: The Music of the Second World War
My Sister and I: The True Story
Love, Separation, and Homecoming
Military Service
Faith, Hope, and Devotion

Third Edition, 156 6x9-inch pages, 39 photos and illustrations, bibliography

The Music of World War II: War Songs and Their Stories

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