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The First Man on Omaha Red: The War Memoirs of an Artillery Forward Observer

by Captain William C. Smith Jr.

Merriam Press World War II Memoir

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Paperback - ISBN 9781716459207 - $14.98

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The history of D-Day on Omaha Red is not complete without this book.

Capt. Smith was the first man on Omaha Red two hours before the invasion.

For his service, he received a Bronze Star with V for valor.

He has also been inducted into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor.

His story explains how the invasion was different from those of North Africa and Sicily.

It also describes in detail how he and the other nine men trained for this most difficult and dangerous job—calling fire from the Navy ships against the German defenses on that fateful day that changed history forever.

But this work also brings the relationships between soldiers to life with humor and a depth of emotion seldom described in other works.

The work begins from the 1st Division's invasion of North Africa and continues through the breach of the German border.

It includes the struggles of the wives and families that were left behind waiting for their loved ones to return from Europe.

Unlike so many histories, this work also details the unique bond between soldiers that forms from mutual dependence.

Captain Smith's relationship with his driver and close friend Sampson gives the work the humanity missing from other memoirs.

61 photos and documents, 3 maps

The First Man on Omaha Red: The War Memoirs of an Artillery Forward Observer

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