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The Dancing Leaves: Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

by Pierre Gerard

Merriam Press Historical Fiction

eBook - ISBN 9780359607846 - $6.99

Paperback - ISBN 9780359089161 - $22.95

Hardcover not available

Although written as fiction, this work is based on the author's personal experiences as a Vietnam veteran encountering other vets at the Veterans Administration (VA) in New York City at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn.

The author served in the U.S. Army, Security Police, and Soc Trang, Vietnam during his 1967–1968 tour of duty.

Some of the chapters: The Bunker; Welcome to the VA; A Soft Gauze Over Their Wounded Minds; A Mentor: A Case Officer’s Case Officer; The War Hero; Thousand-Meter Stare; They Wear Their Ribbons Inside Their Hearts; Psychiatric Trauma Unit; Shrapnel Was Deeply Embedded in His Psyche; Dirty Business; Phoenix Program; Anything for You, My Brother; Just Before the Spring of the Betty Went Off; Flashback; You’re My Friend, I Won’t Question It; Clenching and Unclenching His Fists; The Face of the Nameless Would Appear Before Him at Night; Green Explosion: The Vietnam Experience.

416 6x9-inch pages, 41 author photos depicting his time in Vietnam

The Dancing Leaves: Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

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