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Some Must Die: A Marine Correspondent On Okinawa

by James S. Nutter, PFC, USMCCR

Merriam Press World War II Memoir

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Paperback - ISBN 9780359061495 - $14.95

Hardcover not available

After boot camp at the Marine Corps Air Station, El Centro, Calif., Nutter was assigned to the intelligence section of HQ Squadron, 2nd Marine Air Wing, MAG 43, tasked to join the invasion force of Okinawa. He was issued a typewriter and assigned various report writing duties.

Before long his experience, his age and his lighthearted, infectious personality, won him increased freedom and access to the stories unfolding around him.

His account of the battles fought to secure Okinawa is often grim, but always with an eye for the determination and spirit that animated these citizen warriors, lifting them to the acts of sacrifice and heroism that fill these pages—the raw stuff of America's victory over Japan.

Completed in 1945, Nutter was unable to find a publisher and died in 1950, and for some 70 years the manuscript sat, a time capsule preserving the stories of the men he got to know. Nothing has been changed.

258 6x9-inch pages

Some Must Die: A Marine Correspondent On Okinawa

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