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Phalanx Against the Divine Wind

by Martin Irons

Merriam Press World War II History

eBook - ISBN 978-1-57638-646-0 - $6.99

Paperback - ISBN 978-0-359-10607-3 - $26.99

Hardcover - ISBN 9781576386422 - $47.99

Halsey’s Fast Carrier Task Force was the ultimate naval armada during World War II. To protect the carriers squadrons of destroyers were placed in harm’s way on the outer flanks of the formation.

USS Haynsworth DD700 was one of nine sister destroyers that formed Squadron 62. They fought in engagements in the South China Sea, Iwo Jima, Tokyo, and Okinawa. They battled Japanese warships, submarines, torpedoes, mines, and planes.

On April 6, 1945, Kikusui No. 1 was initiated, the largest kamikaze attack of World War II. The Haynsworth was the first warship struck. For the Fifth Fleet, it was a fight for survival against nearly 700 enemy planes in an epic battle that spanned 30 hours.

Phalanx Against the Divine Wind contains possibly the last first-hand accounts of kamikaze attacks against destroyers. It is a riveting account of young sailors and their warships’ struggle for survival during their intense battles against the Japanese in World War II.

514 6x9-inch pages, 292 photos/illus, 7 maps

Phalanx Against the Divine Wind

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