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Pacific War Reversal: 7 December 1941 - January 1943

by Colonel Roy M. Stanley II, USAF (Ret.)

Merriam Press World War II History

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Paperback - ISBN 9780359973965 - $27.99

Hardcover not available

Well-known military historian Col. Roy M. Stanley II presents the second volume of his series on World War II in the Pacific. Like the first volume, it is essentially a photo book with accompanying text, drawing heavily from DOD Intelligence and Army files, National Archives and numerous other sources.

What is offered, to both the casual reader and the military history buff, is his 27 years of military experience and skill as a photo interpreter to draw information from the imagery. Stanley considers photos, particularly aerial photos, an "original source" equal to first-hand testimony. Many photos were found at random during reviews of DOD imagery holdings he was responsible for, but actively searched for pictures of Guadalcanal. There were no indexes for the boxes he was screening, but one of his goals was to assemble everything on "The Canal." Coverage includes Coral Sea and Midway battles.

380 8.5x11-inch pages, well illustrated with hundreds of photos, illustrations, and maps

Pacific War Reversal: 7 December 1941 - January 1943

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