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Operation Sunrise: Secrets from the Deep

by William J. Tidd

Merriam Press World War II Historical Fiction

eBook not available

Paperback - ISBN 9780359584864 - $25.95

Hardcover not available

This pre-World War II novel begins with the arrival of the submarine USS Devilray at San Diego in 1935. After the original captain and executive officer are killed in an accident, LtCdr William Todd is assigned.

We trace his journey across the nation, become acquainted with his best friend, follow the poignant love story with his wife, and follow along as he assumes command of the Devilray.

After being transferred to Pearl Harbor, Devilray is sent on a Top Secret mission in 1937 to pick up two high valued assets. These individuals are on a mission for Roosevelt to secure classified documents that outline the Japanese intention to conquer Asia. If political negotiations don’t succeed, he will present these documents to Congress and request a declaration of war on Japan.

The conclusion centers around the investigation of Commander Todd’s son and his wife in 1999 who finally determine what really happened to his father’s submarine and the mystery surrounding its demise.

502 6x9-inch pages

Operation Sunrise: Secrets from the Deep

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