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Of Seasons and Moods: Poetry I Left Behind the Times

by Beldon Baxter

Merriam Press Poetry

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Paperback - ISBN 9780359981731 - $12.95

Hardcover not available

Are these really poems "left behind the times?" Very definitely. They just don't seem at one with today's quotidian, media-frantic, app-this, app-that obsessions, so much in our foreground now. Grabbing at the moment, being in the moment has much to do here with nature and its appeal. Nature's so often the subject of the author's poetry in this tome, and despite the terribly intrusive, addictive media foreground, nature remains a very different realm, and still an important one. Is this poetry somehow supposed to help preserve nature and animals? No, it obviously can't. Come with the author as he celebrates in rhyme what touched him through a variety of moods and seasons. Perhaps some of these will evoke similar feelings in you...

154 6x9-inch pages

Of Seasons and Moods: Poetry I Left Behind the Times

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