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Nothing Impossible: Memoirs of a United States Cavalryman In World War 2

by Wallace L. Clement and

Edited by Sean M. Heuvel

Merriam Press World War II Memoir

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Paperback - ISBN 978-1576386316 - $12.95

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The late Wallace Clement served in three wars, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. A West Point Cadet, he entered the Army as a 2nd Lt. in 1940, rising to the rank of Major in 1944, serving with the 804th Tank Destroyer Battalion in Italy where late in the war he was captured and ended the war as a POW.

He served in the Korean War, as a Lt. Colonel, and in Vietnam as a Brig. General as assistant division commander of the 23rd Americal Division.

He was awarded every medal that a soldier can receive save for the Medal of Honor.

This is his story, written by him, and edited by a good friend, Sean Heuvel, who as a boy listened to Clement tell his tales of his service.


Chapter 1: Early Years in Cambridge
Chapter 2: West Point and the Cavalry
Chapter 3: The Move to Tank Destroyers
Chapter 4: Trial By Fire in Italy
Chapter 5: Hard Fighting Against the Germans
Chapter 6: POW Days
Chapter 7: Lessons Learned from World War II
Appendix A: Wallace L. Clement Dates of Rank
Appendix B: Military Decorations of Wallace L. Clement
Appendix C: Distinguished Service Cross Citation
Appendix D: Bronze Star Citation
Appendix E: U.S. Army MIA Telegram to Mrs. Helen Clement
Appendix F: 804th Tank Destroyer Battalion List of Enemy Equipment Destroyed and List of Enemy Personnel Captured
Appendix G: Letter From 804th TDB Veteran Morris H. Snow to Col. David Clement (USMCR, Ret.)
Appendix H: Some Highlights of the 804th Tank Destroyer Battalion in Europe
804th Tank Destroyer Battalion

210 6x9-inch pages, 64 photos and illustrations, 1 map

Nothing Impossible: Memoirs of a United States Cavalryman In World War 2

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