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My Charger’s Name Was Pegasus: A Cavalryman in the OSS

by Charles von Bernuth

Merriam Press World War II Memoir

eBook - ISBN 9781576384374 - $1.99

Paperback - ISBN 9781716619373 - $13.88

Hardcover not available

"My Charger’s Name Was Pegasus: A Cavalryman in the OSS" begins before the war when Charlie was a member of a National Guard cavalry unit.

In 1942 he enlisted at Fort Riley, where they were still training horse units.

Two years later Charlie was recruited by the OSS.

After training, Charlie shipped out in July 1944 for England.

After training as a spy, in late 1944 he went to France in an OSS section attached to Seventh Army.

The latter half of the book details his experiences recruiting locals as agents to perform intelligence missions, often going behind German lines.

During one such mission, things go wrong and Charlie's actions result in his receiving a Silver Star.

He was among those who went into Dachau after the camp was liberated.

Charlie's job was to locate certain individuals among the prisoners who had been recruited by the OSS as spies and had fallen into enemy hands, and to get them back.

Charlie's memoir covers two topics—cavalry and the OSS—that have seen little coverage in World War II memoirs.

202 6x9-inch pages, 13 photos

My Charger’s Name Was Pegasus: A Cavalryman in the OSS

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