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Letters From the Front: A Year in the Life of an Infantryman

by Robert G. Lowery

Merriam Press World War II Biography

eBook - ISBN 9781458354006 - $1.99

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These letters were written between February 23, 1943, and March 25, 1944, a harrowing thirteen-month period during which the author's father, H.A. Lowery, traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to two continents and three countries.

He participated in two armed invasions of Hitler’s Festung Europa (Fortress Europe) during World War II, was severely wounded and nearly crippled by enemy fire, and lay in a hospital for four months.

The author provides extensive background and commentary to put the letters in perspective for the reader.

12 photos, 5 illustrations, footnotes, bibliography

Letters From the Front: A Year in the Life of an Infantryman

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