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Lasting Visions of Floy Bugg Fenwick: Mother of Five Marine Sons

by Frederick Fenwick

Merriam Press Memoir

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Paperback - ISBN 9780359627868 - $32.99

Hardcover not available

The true story of a woman who made a difference here on earth. She touched the lives of many people during her 90 years of significant and memorable events.

Growing up in the heartland of Kentucky, she married a farmer and lived her entire life working and providing for her family of nine. She did not receive financial compensation for all her hard work, but for her, doing good deeds for others was of prime importance to her happiness and personal gratification.

This is a story about my mother, Floy Bugg Fenwick. Her immediate family always had a special bond with her. She raised five sons and four daughters. As fate would have it, all five sons would serve their country in the United States Marine Corps.

Her children, grandchildren and future generations will always remember how she made a difference as a decent and upstanding pillar of the community. This tribute to my mother comes from the heart. I will always love her, more than I can adequately express in words.

646 6x9-inch pages, 90 photos

Lasting Visions of Floy Bugg Fenwick: Mother of Five Marine Sons

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