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Lasting Visions: The End of an Era

by Frederick Fenwick

Merriam Press Vietnam Memoir

eBook - ISBN 9781576386446 - $4.99

Paperback - ISBN 9780359631247 - $16.95

Hardcover not available

Donald Fenwick enlisted in the US Marine Corps at 18. His destiny was to serve his country as a Marine and to make the Marine Corps a career.

He reported to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California in January 1957 for recruit training and retired in October 1990. For 33 years he served our nation and retired as a Master Gunnery Sergeant.

His illustrious military career embodies both the old breed and the new breed of the Marine Corps. Donald served in distant lands such as Vietnam and Okinawa with several cruises aboard ship in the Caribbean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

His story will capture your attention and give you an insight into the reality of what being a Marine is all about. His personal experiences while growing up on the farm in rural Kentucky and while progressing through the enlisted ranks, reveal the espirit de corps, camaraderie and the struggles he had to endure.

246 6x9-inch pages, 71 photos, 2 maps.

Lasting Visions: The End of an Era

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