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Lasting Visions: It Comes With The Rank

by Frederick Fenwick

Merriam Press Vietnam Memoir

eBook - ISBN 9781105393785 - $4.99

Paperback - ISBN 9780359631100 - $27.95

Hardcover not available

Fred Fenwick joined the USMC at eighteen. Thirty years later he retired at the highest enlisted rank of Sergeant Major.

He reported to Parris Island, SC, in 1969 for recruit training and retired in 1999. In 2010 he published his first non-fiction book titled "Lasting Visions: With the 7th Marines in Vietnam 1970." It captured his first year and a half in the Marine Corps. His first book takes you through combat in Vietnam and his subsequent tour in Okinawa and the Orient.

"Lasting Visions: It Comes With the Rank" is his second non-fiction book. He has picked up where he left off in his first book and continued through a 30-year Marine Corps career. The author’s unique style of storytelling will capture your attention and keep you in suspense.

530 6x9-inch pages, 49 photos

Lasting Visions: It Comes With The Rank

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