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Kamikaze Destroyer: USS Hugh W. Hadley (DD774)

by Jeffrey R. Veesenmeyer

Merriam Press World War II History

eBook not available

Paperback - ISBN 9781794874053 - $19.95

Hardcover - ISBN 978-1312153424 - $39.99

History of the USS Hugh W. Hadley (DD774) which shot down more Japanese kamikaze aircraft than any other U.S. Navy ship, during the battle for Okinawa in 1945.

This new book by a relative of a crew member killed that day off Okinawa, tells the story of the ship, and that fateful day, through the words of many of the survivors, which the author interviewed. This is not just a story about a ship, but about the men that made that ship a legend in the annals of U.S. Navy history.

326 6x9-inch pages, 9 appendices, bibliography, 112 photos, 6 illustrations, 6 maps, color painting

Kamikaze Destroyer: USS Hugh W. Hadley (DD774)

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