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Here Rests In Honored Glory: Life Stories Of Our Country’s Medal Of Honor Recipients

by Andrew J. DeKever

Introduction by Michael J. Durant

Merriam Press Military History

eBook - ISBN 9781387671175 - $4.99

Paperback - ISBN 978-1468170726 - $18.95

Hardcover not available

What is the definition of a “hero” in contemporary American society? What qualifies as a “heroic” act? What is the proper way to honor those individuals on whom we bestow the title of “hero”? These questions take on greater relevance today than they did in the years that immediately preceded the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Although acts of valor take place daily on the battlefields of the Global War on Terrorism, the United States is struggling to find the right answers to these questions about heroism in the 21st century.

In Here Rests in Honored Glory, Andrew DeKever, a veteran of the Iraq War, tackles these very issues. Chronicling the lives of ten recipients of the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest award for combat heroism, DeKever breaks ranks from similar books by focusing more on describing the men behind the uniform rather than on the few minutes of valor that immortalized them in the pages of American military history.

As a result, Here Rests in Honored Glory reminds its readers that true heroes are ordinary men and women who, under the most horrific of circumstances, are able to dig deep and find the raw courage necessary to be brave “above and beyond the call of duty” towards protecting other people and serving a cause greater than themselves.

By telling the ordinary lives of these extraordinary heroes, Here Rests in Honored Glory serves as a powerful reminder that all people, no matter what their background, possess the same potential for courage and self-sacrifice—attributes that should be devoted towards improving the nation these men risked and sacrificed their lives to protect.

From the Preface by Michael J. Durant, Chief Warrant Officer 4 (ret.), U.S. Army, author of "In The Company Of Heroes" and "The Night Stalkers":

"Gary Gordon's selfless actions and personal sacrifice, the sacrifice of each of the heroes chronicled in this work, and the sacrifices of countless others throughout our nation's history, can never be repaid, only honored. In researching each of these heroes and capturing the details of each of their lives, Andrew has done just that. I now understand not just what Gary Gordon did, but who he was. I can appreciate what drove him to serve in the Special Forces units he volunteered for and what drove him without hesitation to sacrifice his life for my crew. Through this work, Andrew has honored Gary and all of these men, their families, and their comrades. By helping us all understand the people behind these incredible stories, he's done this nation a great service."


Preface by Michael Durant
Chapter 1: History of the Medal of Honor
Chapter 2: The Civil War; Second Lieutenant Robert Buffum; Brevet Major John T. Rutherford
Chapter 3: The Indian Wars; Private Enoch R. Weiss
Chapter 4: The Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection; Artificer Joseph Nolan
Chapter 5: World War I; Private First Class Parker F. Dunn
Chapter 6: World War II; Private First Class John D. Magrath; Second Lieutenant Harry J. Michael
Chapter 7: The Korean War; Staff Sergeant William G. Windrich
Chapter 8: The Vietnam War; Private First Class Daniel D. Bruce
Chapter 9: Somalia; Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon
Medal of Honor Citations
About the Author

386 6x9-inch pages, 27 photos, 8 illustrations

Here Rests In Honored Glory: Life Stories Of Our Country’s Medal Of Honor Recipients

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