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Gebirgsjäger: Germany’s Mountain Troops

Edited by Ray Merriam

Merriam Press World War II History

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Paperback - ISBN 9781716303708 - $19.99

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Coverage of the units, weapons, uniforms, insignia, equipment, men and activities of Germany’s mountain troops in these 24 articles:

Gebirgsjäger: Germany’s Mountain Troops

Gebirgsjäger Weapons

Gebirgsjäger Equipment

Gebirgsjäger Awards

Story of a Jäger, 1st Gebirgs Division

98th Gebirgsjäger Regiment, 12th Company

1st Gebirgsjäger Division

2nd Gebirgsjäger Division

3rd Gebirgsjäger Division

4th Gebirgsjäger Division

5th Gebirgsjäger Division

6th Gebirgsjäger Division

7th Gebirgsjäger Division

8th Gebirgsjäger Division

9th Gebirgsjäger Division

157th Gebirgsjäger Division

188th Reserve Gebirgsjäger Division

188th Gebirgsjäger Division

100th Gebirgsjäger Regiment, 5th Gebirgsjäger Division

Hochgebirgs-Jäger Battalions

1st Skijäger Division

Attack on Marukhkoy Pass: Caucasus, September 1942

Kriegsmarine Gebirgsjäger

Gebirgsjäger Present Their Comradeship

Gebirgsjäger Photo Album

Plus a complete reprint of Special Series 28, German Mountain Troops, issued by the Military Intelligence Service of the War Department in December 1944.

334 6x9-inch pages, 365 photos and illustrations, 4 maps, 14 tables.

Gebirgsjäger: Germany’s Mountain Troops

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