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Flight Into the Abyss: Zeppelin Operations in Africa 1917-1918

by Owen P. Hall, Jr.

Merriam Press Historical Fiction

eBook not available

Paperback - ISBN ‎ 978-1478141433 - $14.95

Hardcover not available

Historical fiction about the operations conducted by German airships in Africa, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean during World War I.


How it all Began: The Konigsberg Episode
Situation Critical
Das Afrika-Schiff
The Longest Flight
Touch Down!
Homeward Bound
The Balkan Terror
The Empire Strikes Back
Airship versus Warship
Sudden Death
Appendix A: LZ 104 Specifications
Appendix B: LZ 104 Crew
Appendix C: Aircraft Specifications
Appendix D: Dicta Boelcke
Appendix E: Zeppelin Glossary
Appendix F: Equivalent Naval Ranks (1914)
Appendix G: Tell of the Tape
Appendix H: Nomenclature
Appendix I: LZ 104 Resume

190 6x9-inch pages, 28 photos, 20 drawings, 6 maps

Flight Into the Abyss: Zeppelin Operations in Africa 1917-1918

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