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Fire In the Wind (Wind Series)

by Judy Bruce

Merriam Press Mystery

eBook - ISBN 978-1-57638-635-4 - $8.99

Paperback - ISBN 978-1576386224 - $14.95

Hardcover not available

The fourth story in the "Wind" series finds Megan outraged by a cross burning on her land, and she forms the Night Posse and then strikes back.

Meanwhile, she is saddened by the tragic illness of her dear friend, James.

After her new boyfriend is killed, she is jailed for his murder.

Later she fights to the death in the darkness against an avenger.

An undercover cop pursues her.

When a dying James attempts to end his life, Megan is forced to act.

268 5.5x8.5-inch pages

Fire In the Wind (Wind Series)

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