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Down in Greece: An American Bombardier Joins the Greek Resistance

by William Drake

Merriam Press World War II Memoir

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Paperback - ISBN 9781716554728 - $12.99

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William Drake was a bombardier-navigator with the 68th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, a National Guard Unit out of New Orleans, Louisiana, which had been called to active duty some years before.

He was a “transfer” from the 310th Bombardment Group to fill a “need.”

The 68th TRG was a small part of the overall effort of the Office of Strategic Services to effectively promote behind-the-lines resistance to the German war machine by local populations and guerrillas of any persuasion.

Drake went down in Greece April 6, 1944, on his 41st combat mission and spent the next six months as an “evadee” with the Greek resistance in Thrace and eastern Macedonia, Greece.

An Addendum provides historical details of the Greek Resistance in World War II.

164 6x9-inch pages, 77 photos

Down in Greece: An American Bombardier Joins the Greek Resistance

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