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Crossing the Line: One Soldier’s Journey to Iraq and Back Again

by William Cain

Merriam Press Military History

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Paperback - ISBN 9781716181160 - $16.98

Hardcover not available

This is more than the author's memoir of his participation in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Desert Calm, as a member of the 42nd Field Artillery Brigade in 1990-91.

Bill Cain provides background leading up to the war, preparations for the invasion and the aftermath.

In addition, throughout are the personal letters between Bill and his wife, Renée, who gives birth to their second child, a son, while he is at war.

Included are sections written by other members of his unit, that provide additional background their unit and the war.


D-Minus: The Road to “The Storm”

The Clouds Gather

Farewell to V Corps

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

The Air War (18-25 February)

The Deception Plan (26 January-15 February)

The Breach (16-24 February)

The “End Around” and Exploitation (25-26 February)

Destruction of the Republican Guard (27-28 February)

Defense of Northern Kuwait (1-9 March)

The Waiting Game

Coming Home

Reunited at Last

Gulf War Syndrome … Saddam’s Revenge?

The World Has Changed

272 6x9-inch pages, 57 photos (mostly from private sources), 2 maps (specially commissioned for this book)

Crossing the Line: One Soldier’s Journey to Iraq and Back Again

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