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American Artillery and the Medal of Honor

by David T. Zabecki

Merriam Press Military History

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Paperback - ISBN 9781716649134 - $16.00

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"American Artillery and the Medal of Honor" is not the story of a single service or a particular branch of service.

Rather, it is the story of an American fighting arm and the men who won the Medal of Honor serving that arm.

It is the story of the land-based Artillery of the United States (Field, Coastal, and Air Defense) and the men involved with the delivery of fires from large caliber, crew-served weapons designed primarily for indirect fire.

The story deals mostly with Soldiers and Marines, but it also includes some Sailors.

It is a story that constantly reminds us of the Napoleonic dictum: God fights on the side with the best Artillery.


Artillerymen and the Medal of Honor
The Civil War 1861-1865
The Indian Wars 1861-1898
The Philippine Insurrection 1899-1913
Vera Cruz 1914
World War I 1917-1918
World War II 1941-1945
Korea 1950-1953
Vietnam War 1964-1975
Naval Gunfire
Appendix: Tables 1-21
Source Notes
The Author

220 6x9-inch pages, 44 photos and illustrations

American Artillery and the Medal of Honor

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