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Alarm Units! SS-Panzergrenadier Brigades 49 and 51

by Richard Landwehr

Merriam Press Waffen-SS History

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Paperback - ISBN 9781716419362 - $9.98

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These units were specially formed as quick reaction forces that could be speedily deployed to any area in the west to repel Allied invasion attempts.

The units saw service in France following the Allied invasion of Normandy. By September they ceased to exist as the troops that remained were absorbed into the 17th SS Division.


The Formation of SS-Kampfgruppe I
SS-Panzergrenadier Brigade 49
The SS-Panzergrenadier Brigade 49 in Denmark
The Defensive Mission of SS-Panzergrenadier Brigade 49
Emergency Transfer to the Invasion Front
Deployment of the 49th SS Panzergrenadier Brigade in France
Preparing for Battle
Organization of the Nogent Bridgehead
The Battle is Joined
The Front Collapses
The Brigade’s Last Battles
The History of SS Panzergrenadier Brigade 51

108 6x9-inch pages, 26 photos, 5 drawings, 3 maps

Alarm Units! SS-Panzergrenadier Brigades 49 and 51

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