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Aircraft Wrecks of the Pacific Northwest: Volume 3

by David L. McCurry

Merriam Press Aviation History

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Paperback - ISBN 978-1-68474-223-3 - $27.99

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In the past decade, the role of aircraft wreck hunting as a hobby has changed more toward protecting crash sites as memorials, honoring those whom were lost, bringing closure to families, and placing memorial plaques in honor of those who were lost in these tragic accidents.

For those of us who are offspring from the World War II generation, we feel an ever stronger sense of respect in honoring those that gave their lives for such a great cause. There is a strong sense of responsibility for us in keeping their names alive, and maybe it might be that we are the last real link to them? As youngsters we witnessed the war heroes that received a lot of attention especially those involved in the flying world, but it was sad to think of the aircrews that were lost stateside whose names were never known. They never had a chance to fight a war, but they were just as much a hero as anyone else. Just think of where they might have gone in life.

This is the third volume in the Aircraft Wrecks of the Pacific Northwest series authored by David L. McCurry and features 28 chapters detailing the crash and the investigations into their causes. McCurry and his team examined the wreck sites, documenting their findings in this extensively illustrated accounting.

214 8.5x11-inch pages, 347 photos, most in color

Aircraft Wrecks of the Pacific Northwest: Volume 3

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