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Merriam Press is a Military History Publisher that specializes in World War II books and the World War 2 In Review eBook publication series.

Authors: Merriam Press is no longer accepting outside submissions of any kind.
Booksellers/Bookstores: Contact Ingram which distributes Merriam Press titles.

Who Are We

Welcome to Merriam Press

Merriam Press has published hundreds of titles, primarily on military history topics, with a special emphasis on World War II. Merriam Press does not sell direct to consumers and you can find all of our in print titles at the websites of online booksellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many more worldwide.

The Merriam Press Books category lists all available book titles alphabetically. Each title has a page with details of the title and links to online booksellers.


In addition to many printed titles which have eBook editions, there are also eBook only titles available at Amazon, B&N, iBookstore, Scribd, Kobo, and many more eBook vendors, worldwide.


The World War 2 In Review series features hundreds of articles on a wide range of World War II history topics in the issues already published. They also have thousands of photos and illustrations. Additional issues will be released periodically. The issues are available as downloadable eBook files from many eBook vendors worldwide, including Amazon, B&N, Apple iBooks, Scribd, Kobo and more.  For standard ePub versions that can be read by most eReaders, the World War 2 In Review page on this website has links to each available issue for you to order and download from Lulu, the company that also handles all distribution of the issues to all vendors.

The Military Library features hundreds of PDF files of military manuals, publications, documents and other printed materials on a variety of military topics, with a emphasis on World War II. All are available for downloading free through the Merriam Press store page at PayHip.

Please check this website periodically to discover the latest additions.

Contact Merriam Press


Merriam Press
489 South Street
Hoosick Falls NY 12090

Merriam Press does not require the services of web site designers, graphics designers, editors, proofreaders, printers, office suppliers, equipment suppliers including computer systems and software. All work is done in-house, supplies and equipment are purchased through existing sources.


Salespeople: Merriam Press does not purchase anything over the phone.  Messages from spammers and scammers will be turned over to the proper authorities to be dealt with accordingly.

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