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World War II Journal Part A1

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World War II Journal

Part A1

A new Facebook group created by Merriam Press that features articles on all aspects of World War II history as FREE downloadable PDF files.

Clicking on the title link will send you to the World War II Journal Facebook group to download that article. New articles will be posted regularly. Articles can run from a few pages to hundreds each. Many will include photographs and in some cases other types of illustrations, with some in color, from a few to hundreds each article.
  1. The Soviet-Japanese War of 1945
  2. 513th U.S. Parachute Infantry Regiment 1942-1945
  3. The 3rd U.S. Infantry Division in World War II
  4. Command Decision: The Sacrifice of General George C. Marshall and the Normandy Invasion
  5. Arnhem: Headlong Into Hell
  6. Incident at Gross-Steinum: Atrocity or Tragedy?
  7. Crossing the Rhine: The U.S. 5th Division at Oppenheim
  8. Anti-tank Artillery of the Red Army
  9. Attack on a Fortified City: Brest Litovsk, Byelorussia, 1941
  10. General Alexander M. Patch: From the South Pacific to the Brenner Pass
  11. Deadly Gadgets of the OSS: When Uncle Sam Played Dirty in World War II
  12. 6th SS Mountain Division
  13. First Engagement: A Battalion's Introduction to Combat in the Battle of the Bulge
  14. 3rd New Zealand Division
  15. 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment at Bastogne, Belgium, December 1944
  16. Breakout from the Klin Pocket, Russian Front, December 1941
  17. Six Hours at Balta: C Company, 744th Engineer Regiment, on the Russian Front, 3 August 1941
  18. Parachuting into Estonia
  19. The Devil's Brigade: The First Special Service Force
  20. Operations of the Provisional Tank Group, United States Army Forces in the Far East, 1941-42
  21. I Fought the Americans at Midway: A Japanese Naval Officer on the Carrier Kaga
  22. Thunderbolts in SEAC
  23. United States Army Uniforms in World War II
  24. General Alexander Archer Vandegrift USMC
  25. The Libya Campaign of May-June 1942
  26. Sustain the Fight: Logistical Support Won the War
  27. Skorpion Leaflets
  28. Aviazione Della R.S.I.: The Air Force of the Italian Socialist Republic
  29. 8cm Granatwerfer 34: German Infantry Mortar
  30. The Battle of Flanders 1940
  31. Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Iran
  32. Bend with the Wind: The Allied Invasion of Iran
  33. Eagle Farm Airfield: USAAF Camp Eagle Farm/RAAF Relief Landing Ground
  34. Eisenhower as Strategist: The Coherent Use of Military Power in War and Peace
  35. HMCS Matapedia K112: Canadian Flower Class Corvette
  36. Nuremberg, 30-31 March 1944: Bomber Command's Most Disastrous Raid of World War II
  37. Carro Armato P26/40: Italian Heavy Tank
  38. Hiroyoshi Nishizawa: Japanese Ace
  39. 155mm Field Gun “Long Tom”: American Artillery
  40. Italy’s Air Forces
  41. USS Cascade AD-16: American Destroyer Tender
  42. Grumman FF: American Naval Fighter
  43. 3in Mk I OSB Gun (Smith Gun) with MII Trailer: British Anti-tank Gun
  44. Furutaka: Japanese Heavy Cruiser
  45. Republic P-43 Lancer: American Fighter

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