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• World War II in Review

  • The World War 2 In Review series is being revised to include print and PDF editions as well as the eBook edition.
    • The title is also being altered to World War II in Review.
    • Previously, eBook rules did not allow for the use of two or more capital letters in a word, thus the use of World War 2 instead of the more common World War II. That restriction has been eliminated.
  • All eBook and PDF format editions cost $1.99. Print editions will vary in cost as the page count will vary between issues.
    • Only Numbers 1 through 69 and the Prologue will be available in eBook format. Starting with Number 70, they will be available only in print and PDF editions.
    • Because of the high image quantity in the eBook editions, the files were very large and required additional bandwidth when downloaded by a customer, and the vendor reduced the image quality to reduce the size of the files.
  • Merriam Press eBooks can be purchased and downloaded through the Lulu Marketplace, the company that produces these eBooks for Merriam Press, as well as Amazon, Apple's iBookstore, B&N's Nook Bookstore, Kobo Bookstore, Scribd, and many other vendors.
  • All eBooks produced by Merriam Press can be viewed on a computer as well as eReaders, tablets, notebooks and laptops.
    • The quality of images in the eBook editions is of a slightly lower quality than either the print or PDF editions.
  • The PDF editions are recommended due to the higher image quality.
    • The PDF editions have the ability to enlarge the pages so that the photographs and other illustrations can be enlarged.
    • Many can be enlarged at least to fill your monitor screen, and in some cases considerably larger without loss of quality.
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