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U-boat Wars Volume 1

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U-boat Wars: Volume 1
  • by Dennis McLelland, Ed.D., and Richard Baughman
    • Merriam Press World War 2 History Series
        • First Edition 2016
        • 140 8.5x11-inch pages
        • 105 photos and illustrations
A collection of photographs taken by esteemed U-boat Captain, Herbert Werner, one of a handful of U-boat commanders to survive World War II, and whose memoir, Iron Coffins, is a classic. This fascinating collection of impromptu photographs has been, for the most part, unseen by the general public. It is important to reflect upon how difficult, and often horrific, life was on a U-boat. The crews of each U-boat fully understood that there was the very real possibility of forever being entombed in their “iron coffins,” if an enemy’s cannon, bomb, or depth charge, found its mark. The U-boat war was fast becoming, as Werner stated, “one long funeral procession for us.”

  • Introduction
  • A Personal Note About Herbert Werner: May 13, 1920 – April 6, 2013
  • A Summary of Herbert Werner’s Naval Career
  • World War II U-Boat Facts
  • The Faces
  • The Training
  • Minesweeping
  • The Machines
  • Interesting U-boat Related Stories, Myths and Facts
    • The Enigma Machine
    • How the Enigma Machine Was Captured
    • Hemingway Patrols: Ernest Hemingway and His Hunt for U-Boats
    • United States Navy Admiral Chester Nimitz Intervened in Dönitz’s Prison Sentence
    • Understanding the Man Who Succeeded Hitler
    • Strange and Unusual Stories About U-Boats
    • U-boat War Badge
    • U-boat Front Clasp
    • 9th U-boat Flotilla Insignia

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