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World War 2 In Review No. 71

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World War 2 In Review No. 71

  • A Merriam Press World War II History
  • eBook
  • 248 B&W and color photographs and illustrations
  • ISBN 978-1-387-46114-1
  • $1.99
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This issue of World War 2 in Review contains the following articles on World War II:

(1) Battle of Greece
(2) Bitter Lessons: 155mm Howitzer Battalion in Tunisia and Italy
(3) 3rd Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment at Dieppe
(4) 2nd Canadian Division during World War II
(5) Canadian 2nd Division Dark Blue Patch Variations
(6) German Effectiveness in Unit Composition and Command Structure on the Western Front, July 1943-September 1944
(7) Italian Co-Belligerent Units
(8) Last Gasp of the Waffen-SS: Operations in Hungary and Austria, December 1944 to May 1945
(9) Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel: A "Desert Fox" Chronology, 1891-1944
(10) The U.S. Marines in World War II
(11) Carl V. Sheridan: Medal of Honor Recipient
(12) The Canadian Army 1919-1945
(13) The German Army in World War II: A Study in Small Unit Cohesion
(14) Japanese Fubuki Class Destroyers
(15) Bomber VC: The Story of Flight Sergeant A. L. Aaron, VC, DFM, RAFVR
(16) Canadians in the Battle of Britain
(17) Italian Fiat BGA Medium Bomber
(18) American Escort Destroyer Vance DE-387
(19) American Attack Cargo Ship Seminole AKA-104
(20) Belgian LACAB GR.8 Multi-role Combat Aircraft

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