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World War 2 In Review No. 64: Air Power

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World War 2 In Review No. 64: Air Power

  • Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series
    • First eBook Edition
      • 206 B&W and color photos and illustrations
The following articles on World War II air power are in this issue:

(1) The French Air Force in 1940: Was It Defeated by the Luftwaffe or by Politics?
(2) Aerial Reconnaissance in World War II
(3) American 25th Air Service Group
(4) Supply Kings: 31 Squadron, RAF
(5) Eighth Air Force, USAAF
(6) Second Air Division Organization, Eighth Air Force
(7) With Five Focke-Wulfs on Her Tail
(8) Lieutenant Colin Kelly, USAAC
(9) Lieutenant General Edward J. Timberlake, USAAF
(10) Johnny Eager: The Legend of American Ace Jerry Johnson
(11) Fighter Combat Tactics in the Southwest Pacific Area
(12) The Forgotten Allies: A French Family’s Contribution
(13) Naval Air Station Bermuda Annex
(14) Burtonwood Airfield (RAF/USAAF)
(15) Brigadier General Harold H. George, USAAF
(16) British Glider Pilot Regiment
(17) Frachtenschlepper: Glider-Towing Units of the Luftwaffe

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