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World War 2 In Review No. 38

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World War 2 In Review No. 38

  • Ray Merriam, Editor
    • Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series
      • First Edition 2018
      • 422 B&W and color photos and illustrations

The following articles are in this issue:

  • American Aircraft Carrier Yorktown CV-5
  • The Royal Air Force in World War II
  • Avro Lancaster Formation Markings
  • French Farman F.220 Series Heavy Bomber
  • American Seversky P-35 Fighter
  • British Folding Boat Equipment
  • Fort Knox’s Dryland Navy: LST Training Mockup
  • German Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Gun Flakpanzer Coelian
  • Soviet Wartime Tank Formations
  • Czechoslovakian 10 cm Houfnice vz. 30 Howitzer
  • Lowly Canadian Voluntary Service Medal Became Important
  • British Admiral Dudley Pound
  • Humanism and Peace: Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Mission” to the Pacific, August-September 1943
  • Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF)
  • My Bare-Handed War Against the Emperor’s Bushido Killers: A CBI Participant’s Account

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