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World War 2 In Review No. 17

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World War 2 In Review No. 17

  • Ray Merriam, Editor
    • Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series
      • First Edition 2017
      • 381 B&W and color photos and illustrations

Features the following 16 articles on World War II:

  • The Aerodynamic Development of the Peenemünde Rockets [V2]
  • British G. S. Mark V Anti-tank Mine
  • USS Alabama BB-60 battleship
  • Avro Anson
  • Organization Todt
  • 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment at Bastogne, Belgium, December 1944
  • The U.S. Navy at Bataan
  • Darned Clever These Chinese… and Confounding [CBI veteran account]
  • Action in the Eifel [8th Company, II Battalion, 981st Regiment, 272nd Volksgrenadier Division veteran account]
  • Fairey Firefly
  • 25 mm Hotchkiss Anti-tank Gun
  • Breakout from the Klin Pocket: Russian Front, December 1941
  • Truk and Operation Hailstone
  • The Navy Neutralizes Truk, February 1944
  • Orders for Flight Crews of USS Enterprise for Operation Hailstone
  • VB-10 Hits Truk During Operation Hailstone

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