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World War 2 In Review: A Primer

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World War 2 In Review: A Primer
The first in the extensive World War 2 In Review series which will feature hundreds of titles on a wide range of topics covering every aspect of World War II. This title provides a basic introduction to the war, including events that led up to the war, a chronology of the war and more.


  • Foreword
  • World War II: A Primer
  • Chronology
  • Timeline of Events Preceding World War II
  • Events Preceding World War II in Asia
  • Events Preceding World War II in Europe
  • Diplomatic History of World War II
  • Germany Between Two Wars
  • The Peace Which Could Not Last: Why 1939 Had to Follow 1919
  • U.S. Army Organization, 1941
  • U.S. Government Policy Toward Civilian Women During World War II
  • Allied Interoperability Between the Wars
  • The First to Be Freed: British Military Administration in Eritrea and Somalia, 1941-1943
  • Soviet-Japanese Confrontation in Outer Mongolia: The Battle of Nomonhan-Khalkin Gol
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