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Military Archives: "F" PDF Files

Below are PDF files available to download. A small fee is charged for some, others are free to download. All are downloaded from the same source, Payhip, and free and fee items can be combined in a single order.

  • Fighting 36th, The: A Pictorial History—The Texas Division in Combat - FREE
    • by Richard A. Huff, 362 pages, 409 photos, 26 maps. A pictorial history of the 36th "Texas" Infantry Division in World War II. This book is intended to convey a first-hand recollection of the battles they fought and the places they saw. No one volume could begin to do this completely nor to cite individual honors as they ought to be told. Therefore it is a very general story about the 36th Division ad names are rarely mentioned in the body of the text. The story of the 36th at Salerno, at the Rapido, in the Vosges and through the Siegfried, is a grim one which the pictures available can only partially portray.
  • Final Campaign Across Northwest Italy, The, 14 April-2 May 1945 - FREE
    • Edited by Col. Curtis H. Nance, Headquarters IV Corps, U.S. Army, Italy, 1945, 146 pages, 48 photos, 10 illustrations, 6 color insiginia illustrations, 14 maps. "The military operations in the Po Valley which ended the fighting in Italy and resulted in the unconditional surrender of all enemy forces marked the first complete theatre-wide success of Allied arms in this war. The participation of the IV US Corps in the Po Valley campaign is related briefly in this booklet. As Commander of the Fifth Army of which the IV Corps was a part, I am privileged to have this opportunity of testifying to the very great contribution that that Corps made to the success of those operations and of paying tribute here to the courage and determination displayed by its officers "and men throughout. It is to be regretted that space limitations have necessitated the omission from this narrative of the human details that compose the drama of war. No reading should proceed without taking pause to think upon them—the untold acts of individual sacrifice and bravery that underlay every action recorded and without which the victory could not have been achieved—or this story written." —L. K. Truscott, Jr., Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Commanding
  • Foreign Materiel, Volume 3
    • The Ordnance School. Aberdeen Proving Ground, July 1943. 106 pages, photographs, illustrations. $1.99
  • From Occupied to Ally: Danish Resistance Movement 1940-45
    • a.k.a. Denmark's Fight for Freedom 1940-45. Panorama Denmark 1. By Jørgen Haestrup. Press and Information Department of the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Christiansborg, Copenhagen, 1963. 44 pages, 31 photos, 4 illustrations, 1 cover illustration, 2 maps. $1.99

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