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Wings, Wars and Life

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Wings, Wars and Life: An Autobiography
  • by Robert Beryl Swatosh
    • Merriam Press Military Memoir Series
      • Sixth Edition 2012
      • 146 6×9-inch pages
      • 40 photos and illustrations
The author gave roots and wings to four children. Swatosh fought World War II from D-Day on and Korea with only minor changes in his anatomy; lost one eye and part of one hand.
     He worked in a Top Secret war room in England planning the invasion of Europe. He was “Bigoted” for Neptune of Overlord and planned the invasion of Utah Beach. He was at Utah Beach on D-Day, was at the St. Lô breakout, was awarded the Bronze Star with “V” for crossing the field of fire at the Falaise Gap to rescue a Regimental Commanding Officer and staff with a small detachment cut off by German paratroopers, was direct support artillery officer for General Patton on his sweep across France, wounded a second time at Metz, ended the war in Czechoslovakia, spent two years as Military Governor of Vilshofen by Passau, taught ROTC at the University of Minnesota until the Korean War.
     Was in command of an armored battalion in Korea pushing the Chinese north.
     As president and chief executive officer of the Pacific Far East Salvage Company, Incorporated, directed the salvage on the Russian cruiser Knockimoff which was sunk by the Japanese, with its treasure trove, in 320 feet of water in the Tsushima Straights of the China Sea in 1905.
     Then Swatosh was in atomic research in the military and the “Spy in the Sky” satellite program with the Lockheed Missile and Space Company.
  • Acknowledgment
  • Dedication
  • The Early Days: 1916 to 1940
  • Roots and Wings
  • World War II
  • Korea and the Atom
  • Gold Treasure Salvage
  • Appendix: 999th Armored Field Artillery Battalion Narrative History
  • Bibliography

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