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War in the Philippines 1941-1945

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War in the Philippines, 1941-1945
  • Ray Merriam, Editor
    • Merriam Press World War 2 History Series
      • Fourth Edition 2012
      • 238 6x9-inch pages
      • Maps, illustrations
A selection of articles on the war in the Philippines during World War II.

  • The Japanese Conquest of the Philippines, 1941-42
  • The First U.S. Tank Action in World War II
  • 200th and 515th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Regiments in the Philippines
  • Target: Corregidor
  • Battles for the Central Philippines, September 1944
  • A Doctor in Bataan
  • The Philippine Inland Seas Defense Project
  • Corregidor: An Airborne Assault
  • The 3rd Field Artillery Battalion (Provisional) in the Philippines, 1941-42
  • M16 Half-tracks in the Philippines
  • World War II’s Last Bitter Battle
  • The Battling Bantams of Leyte Gulf
  • Mail from Corregidor, 1942
  • Minister Remembers Bataan Death March
  • The U.S. Navy at Bataan
  • I Was a Guard on the Bataan Death March
  • The 26th Cavalry in the Philippines: A Classic Delaying Action
  • Interrogation of Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita, IJN: Battle of the Philippine Sea and Battle for Leyte Gulf
  • Interrogation of Vice Admiral Kzutaka Shirachi, IJN: Occupation of the Philippines and Dutch East Indies
  • Hunted by Japs for Years, American Flier is Rescued

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