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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition: Number 1, September 1943

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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition
  • September 1943, Number 1
    • Lt. George H. Forsyth Jr.
      • Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy
        • 52 pages
        • 168 photos
        • 5 drawings
        • 42 side-view ship drawings
        • 19 three-view silhouette aircraft drawings
        • 2 three-view aircraft drawings
  • Free PDF download
This monthly publication was a joint effort by the Navy and the Army to bring out the latest and most important recognition news.


  • Quiz No. 1: "All-In Raid"

  • No Margin for Error

  • RAF's York: Britain's Newest Transport is Developed from Lancaster

  • New Submarine Types: German Subs are Equipped with AA Guns to Fight Planes

  • Our Battleships

    • New and Reconditioned Ships Give U.S. More Power

    • Modern Ship Grows Out of Pearl Harbor Wreckage

    • Battleships Get New Punch in Pearl Harbor Refits

    • New Warships Swell U.S. Fleet

  • Carriers: Latest Carrier Classes Increase Navy's Punch

  • Medium Tanks

    • British: The Crusader is a Cruiser Tank

    • Soviet: T-34 is Great Fighting Tank

    • German: Rommel Mainstay was the Pzkw IV

    • American: Sherman was Best in North Africa

  • Don't Confuse Mosquito with Messerschmidt 210

  • Quiz No. 2: Fighter Types of Nations in the War

  • "Sighted Sub, Sank Whale" Pilots Get New Medals

  • U.S. Naval Vessels: Principal Combatant Types by Classes

  • Jap Air Force

    • In 22 Months it Has Proved a Formidable Foe

    • Tony: Is New Jap Fighter Plane

    • Hap: Fighter is Improved Zero

    • Rufe: Jap Float Fighter is Effective

    • Zeke: One of Japan's Best Fighters

    • Oscar: This Plane Has Fought in Burma, China and Pacific

    • Nate: First Used in 197, Nate is Still on Limited Duty

    • Val 1 & 2: Jap Dive Bombers Attack Target at Shallow Angles

    • Kate: Potent Jap Weapon is This Torpedo Bomber

    • Jake: Float Dive Bomber Seen in Entire Pacific Area

    • Dave: This Early Scout Plane Has Made an Excellent Record

    • Pete: New Single-Float Biplane Hunts Down Allied Ships

    • Nell: Dual-Purpose Bomber Has Taken Heavy Toll

    • Sally: New Land-Based Bomber is Active in Burma, China

    • Lily: Army Bomber Appears in China and Burma

    • Betty: Has First Attempt at Armor

    • Dinah: Two-place Army Recon Plane

    • Mavis: Top Japanese Patrol Plane

  • Quiz No. 3: Heavy Planes Used for Various Missions

  • Quiz No. 4: Battleships, The War's Heaviest Weapons

  • News & Miscellany

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    • Teaching Aids

    • Quiz Answers

    • Credits

  • IL-2 "Stormovik"

  • "I-16" & "I-16C"

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