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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition: Number 5, January 1944

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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition
  • January 1944, Number 5
    • Lt. George H. Forsyth Jr.
      • Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy
        • 52 pages
        • 142 photos
        • 8 drawings
        • 30 side-view ship drawings
        • 2 three-view silhouette aircraft drawings
        • 28 lower plan view silhouette aircraft drawings
        • 2 three-view aircraft drawings
  • Free PDF download
This monthly publication was a joint effort by the Navy and the Army to bring out the latest and most important recognition news.
  • Quiz No. 1: Pacific Theater

  • Whose Enemy?

  • Rabaul Raid: Navy carrier planes catch large Jap force at bay in New Britain harbor

  • Japs Study U.S. Planes [lower plan view silhouettes used by Japanese on recognition training poster]

  • Merchant Ships: The battle of transportation rages incessantly on a world-wide front

    • Passenger Ships: Peacetime luxury liners, stripped for action, transport thousands of men to fighting fronts

    • Passenger-Cargo Ships: Cruise ships and fruit liners carry assault forces to invasion shores

    • Cargo Ships: Backbone of the merchant fleet

    • Tankers and Colliers: The fuel that keeps the United Nations fighting is carried thousands of miles

  • Airplane Genealogy: Development of airplane families gives valuable recognition clues

    • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

    • Martin and Consolidated: Land-based bomber and big flying boat can be traced to earlier models

    • Hawker, Curtiss: Typhoon, Warhawk climax two famed fighter lines

  • Quiz No. 2: Gunnery

  • The Small Stuff: They Fight a Tough, Unpublicized War

    • Minor U.S. Warships: Principal Combatant Types by Classes

    • Submarine Stalkers Clear Sea Lanes for Our Convoys

    • New Escorts Replace DD's: Guard Cargo Ships

    • Big & Little: Minor Combatant Types Run From Huge CM's to Tiny PT's

    • New Life for Flushdeckers

    • Assorted Vessels Fulfill Manifold Duties for Navy

  • Focke-Wulf Versus P-47: Tangling daily in Europe's skies they must be quickly told apart

  • American Weapons: U.S. develops fine self-propelled artillery for fast mobile warfare

    • Rommel Wrecker: U.S. 105-mm howitzer nullified Nazi 88-mm all-purpose gun in Tunisia

    • M-10 & T-70: One self-propelled gun is seasoned campaigner. The other is brand new

    • M-8 & M-12: New and old gun mounts complete U.S. line-up

  • Quiz No. 3: Spot These Warships

  • Recognition Training List: Armored Vehicles

    • United States

    • British

    • Russian

    • German

    • Italian

    • Japanese

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