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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition: Number 4, December 1943

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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition
  • December 1943, Number 4
    • Lt. George H. Forsyth Jr.
      • Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy
        • 52 pages
        • 161 photos
        • 43 side-view ship drawings
        • 17 three-view silhouette aircraft drawings
        • 2 three-view aircraft drawings
  • Free PDF download

This monthly publication was a joint effort by the Navy and the Army to bring out the latest and most important recognition news.


  • Quiz No. 1: Gunnery

  • It Pays Off

    • We Prepared for Sicily

  • French Ships: Reconditioned units are back at sea with Allies

    • Battleships

    • Cruisers

    • Destroyers

  • Emily Downed: New Navy fighters knock Japan's new four-motored patrol bomber into sea

  • Nazi Guns: Self-propelled gun is prime anti-tank weapon

    • Light Chassis: 75's are mounted on French Lorraine and German PzKw II Tanks

    • Czech Chassis: Mounts good 75-mm gun

    • Heavier Weapons: 76.2-mm, 88-mm, 150-mm are tough and dangerous

  • U.S. Bombers: Bombing planes of the USAAF excel in range, accuracy and firepower

    • A-20: Fast and heavily armed, it is an ideal attack plane and light bomber

    • B-25: Steady rugged Mitchell is consistent performer

    • B-26: Terrific punch features this fast medium bomber

    • B-17: Flying Fortresses have captured public's fancy

    • B-24: Long-range Liberators have performed superbly on important missions

  • Quiz No. 2: Planes Over the Atlantic

  • Royal Fleet: Its Ships Are Winning Their Fight

    • British Naval Vessels: Principal Combatant Types by Classes

    • Battleships: Older Classes Have Fought in Two Wars

    • Battle Power: Britain's Best Are New Ships

    • Fleet Carriers Hit Bismarck, Italians

    • Auxiliaries: Smaller Carriers Help Swell Fleet

  • Torpedo Bombing: Hazardous Combat Job Done by Naval Fliers

    • TBF: U.S. Navy's Plane is Big, Versatile

    • Beaufort: Land-Based TB of RAF Attacks German Convoys

    • Beaufighter: Built as Fighter, It Now Serves as Torpedo Bomber

    • Swordfish: Sank Italian Fleet a Taranto

    • Barracuda: Gives New Speed to Fleet Air Arm's Torpedo Attack

    • Japanese TB's: Enemy Uses Them Successfully

    • Ju-88 is Latecomer as Torpedo Bomber

    • He-111 is a Constant Menace to Convoys

  • Quiz No. 3: Tanks & Armored Cars

  • British vs. Jap: Hurricane and Tony

  • News & Miscellany

    • New Silhouette: Dinah

    • News

    • Training Films

    • Corrections

    • Credits

    • Quiz Answers

  • Me-323

  • D.F.S. 230

  • 52 pages

  • 161 photos

  • 43 side-view ship drawings

  • 17 three-view silhouette aircraft drawings

  • 2 three-view aircraft drawings


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