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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition, April 1944, Number 8

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U.S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition
  • April 1944, Number 8
    • Lt. George H. Forsyth Jr.
      • Bureau of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy
        • 52 pages
        • 214 photos, illustrations and 3-view silhouette drawings
  • Free PDF download
  • Quiz No. 1: Twin Engine Shadows
  • Why They Fly
  • News: Agano is Newest Jap Light Cruisers
  • U.S.S. California Rejoins Fleet
  • New Army Fighter is Improved P-39 (P-63)
  • British Auxliaries: New Small Ships and Conversions Form Bulk of the British Fleet
    • British Sloops: With Increased Armament They Perform a Variety of Patrol and Escort Tasks
    • Sub Smashers: Corvettes and Frigates Have Shared Brunt of North Atlantic Struggle
    • Minesweepers: They Fight Unceasing Battle to Keep Open the Sea Lanes Off British Ports
    • Odd-Job Craft: Vauable Fleet Support is Gven by Trawlers, Mine and Net Layers
    • Conversions: Old Light Cruisers Are Used for AA Duty, Varied Merchant Types to Chase Raiders
    • Monitors & Gunboats: They Shell Enemy's Coast, Support Landing Operations
    • Coastal Craft: Fast New Fleet of Motorboats Fights Guerrilla War in North Sea, Channel
  • Enemy Aircraft: Principal Japanese & German Types (3-view silhouettes)
  • Quiz No. 2: A Dozen Artillery Weapons
  • War Gliders: New Designs Show Great Promise for Airborne Attack and Supply (CG-4A, CG-13, Horsa, Hamilcar)
  • Luftwaffe's Glider Force (Go 242, DFS 230, Me 323)
  • Jap Plane Exhausts
  • The British Armored Cars: Backbone of the Reconnaissance Corps, they cover much ground, scout out enemy forces (Humber, Daimler, Matador, Otter, Lynx, Staghound)
  • Quiz No. 3: Shapes of the War at Sea
  • Training Films
    • "Hell's Angels" Crew Makes Movies for Army
  • P-51 and Me 109 Look Different
  • News & Miscellany
  • Quiz No. 4: Single-Engine Fighters
  • Pin-Up Plane (P-38)

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