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United States vs. German Equipment

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United States vs. German Equipment: As Prepared for the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force
  • by Maj. Gen. Isaac D. White, Commanding General, 2nd Armored Division
    • Merriam Press World War 2 History Series
      • Seventh Edition 2011
      • 168 6×9-inch pages
      • 63 photos
      • 2 illustrations
      • 1 table
This is a newly-produced reprint of a mimeographed report produced in March 1945 for General Eisenhower at his request after he had seen accounts attributed to armored forces GIs who considered American tanks very inferior in quality to those of the Germans.
     As an aside he also requested comparisons in other types of equipment such as half-tracks, light tanks, trucks, guns, bazookas, and even clothing and rations.
     The resulting report includes General White's own opinions, plus the opinions of over 150 officers and enlisted men.
     There is also a report on the characteristics of the German Mark V tank.
     The reading of this report will be a significant "eye-opener" for every World War II historian, wargamer, model builder, and buff. In reading this report, you'll wonder how we managed to win the war in Europe at all, with such a mediocre tank as the Sherman. This is one of the most fascinating reports you will ever read.
     This is not an in-depth report of extensive testing of the weapons and equipment. This is an unvarnished report of the opinions of the soldiers who had hands-on experience with the weapons and equipment.
      Review of this title by Senior Gaming Editor of can be seen here.

  • Introduction

  • Digest of Opinions of Tank Officers and Crews of 66th and 67th Armored Regiments

  • Comparison of United States Equipment with Similar German Equipment

  • Personal Convictions of Individual Officers and Enlisted Men of the 2nd Armored Division as to Comparison of German versus American Armor and Equipment
  • Characteristics of the German Mark V Tank

NOTE: Stackpole Publishing released in 2013 a large format edition of the same report, produced by Uwe Feist. It runs 320 pages, and the high page count is due to Feist adding numerous B&W and color photos of U.S. and German equipment, some contemporary photos, some present day photos of equipment photographed specifically for this work. It retails for $49.95, but why pay that much to get the same report from Merriam Press...

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