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United States Naval Chronology: World War II

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United States Naval Chronology: World War II
  • Naval History Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

This U.S. Naval Chronology is intended to be precisely what the name implies.

     The Naval History Division did not attempt to prepare a chronology of all the far-flung operations of World War II.

     However, operations of the U.S. Army and of other navies were included as necessary in order to make the work complete for U.S. naval reference purposes.

     It will be noted that the purpose was to produce a brief factual chronological record of significant events. Comment is confined to less than ten brief notes which emphasize the importance of the critical and decisive naval actions of the war.

     It includes, also, a record of the loss or damage of every U.S. naval vessel of any size, as well as enemy ship sinkings by U.S. forces.


  • Foreword

  • Preface

  • Chronology

    • 1939

    • 1940

    • 1941

    • 1942

    • 1943

    • 1944

    • 1945

  • Appendixes:

    • Principal Civilian Officials and Naval Officers in Command, 7 December 1941-2 September 1945

      • Bureau Chiefs

      • Commandants, Naval Districts and River Commands

      • Sea Frontier Commanders

      • Fleet Commanders

      • Area Commanders

      • Type Commanders

    • Recommended Reading

  • Index

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