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True Tales of World War II

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True Tales of World War II: "We Were There"
  • Ray Merriam, Editor
  • A Merriam Press World War II History
  • Second Edition 2021
  • 466 6×9-inch pages
  • 179 photos and illustrations
52 stories by and about those who experienced World War II first-hand.


1: A Replacement in the "Bloody Bucket"
2: A Tale of Two Rings
3: Bravery and World War II
4: Combat Report of the 9th SS Panzer Division, 3-24 July 1944
5: Air Raid
6: "Fly Your Eggs Right Down Their Stacks!": A Dauntless Pilot at the Battle of Midway
7: "Dear John..."
8: The Frogmen of Eniwetok
9: "General Quarters"
10: Guts, Grit and Goals: A Vivid Illustration of the Power of the Human Mind
11: Happy Birthday, Brother
12: Interrogation of Capt. Mitsuo Fuchida, IJN: The Attack on Pearl Harbor and the Kamikaze Corps in the Philippines and Okinawa
13: It's a Wonder We Won the War
14: "I've Been Working on the Railroad..."
15: Last of the First
16: Letters From a G.I.
17: Miracle in New Guinea
18: My Bare-Handed War Against the Emperor's Bushido Killers
19: New Year's Blast at Okinawa: The Tragedy of 2 January 1946
20: No Fault Collision
21: One Jump Too Many
22: One Man's War
23: Only God Knew the Way
24: 1st SS Panzer Regiment (11-24 December 1944): Interview with Joachim Peiper
25: Follow-Up Interview With Joachim Peiper
26: Philatelic Censorship in World War II
27: POW of Japanese Freed Self
28: The Reconners of Camp Campbell
29: Return to the River Kwai
30: Rosemarie's Story
31: Sal's Ship: The U.S.S. Lexington (CV 2)
32: Save It for the War Effort
33: Scratch One Zero
34: The Sentry
35: Former Serviceman Reunited with His Bicycle
36: A Square Looks at the "Bomb"
37: SS-Scharführer Siegfried Kress Escapes!
38: The Unsinkable Liberty Ship
39: Wingman
40: You Can Still Be A Gentleman... Even Though You Served in the Pacific
41: A Jaundiced View of Tanks
42: Action in the Eifel
43: Battle of the Bulge
44: Christmas on Bougainville
45: Darned Clever These Chinese... and Confounding
46: Escape From Death in a Wellington
47: Flying PBYs with VP-61 in the Aleutians
48: I Was Expendable
49: Incident on Biak Island
50: Interrogation of Vice Adm. Kzutaka Shirachi, IJN: Occupation of the Philippines and Dutch East Indies
51: A Talk With Some Japs
52: The '88' with 20/20 Vision

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